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Food processors are constantly looking for ways to reduce labor, improve product quality, plant safety and productivity. Automating combo-bin chilling of meat and poultry products can quickly achieve all those goals. In addition, many fresh foods, including produce, are chilled prior to packaging in bags or boxes. Automated systems can chill directly in packing boxes as perishable foods are loaded.

Automated combo bin chilling is ideal for:

Fresh poultry cuts and broilers, as well as some red meats.

Automated box chilling is ideal for packing:

Fresh meat, poultry and seafood products; breaded and nonbreaded products; fresh fruits and vegetables and other perishable food products.

Linde Automated Solutions

Combo Bin Chilling
In many current bin handling operations, workers load bulk meat or deboned parts into combo bins a layer at a time, and then shovel dry ice or directs snow or ice pellets between each layer. This is arduous and labor intensive. In addition, it produces uneven product temperatures, and meat will require longer equilibration times in cold storage.

ACCU-CHILL® Combo Chiller
Automated batch handling and chilling system eliminates the strain of spreading poultry or meat products and snow or ice in combo bins. Patented technology fills high-volume combo bins evenly while precisely delivering CO2 snow. The ACCU-CHILL Combo Chiller is designed to deliver more consistent temperatures from bin to bin, with a slight variation of 2-3 degrees F or less. The result is more consistent temperature equilibration -- and a leap in productivity. More rapid and accurate cryogenic chilling may also reduce bacterial growth which can compromise food quality.

Box Chilling
Filling boxes of perishable foods with ice or dry-ice by manual methods is labor intensive, can produce uneven temperatures, and becomes less efficient as production volumes grow.

ACCU-CHILL® Automated Box Chilling System
This fully-automated on-demand CO2 snow chilling system was designed for highly consistent box-to-box chilling on automated packing lines. Built to meet USDA requirements, the ACCU-CHILL® automated box-chilling system is enclosed on either side of the conveyor and includes up to four CO2 snow horns and exhaust hood. As packing boxes are conveyed into the chilling zone, a sensor is activated and a precise amount of CO2 snow is automatically dispensed into the box, on or around the product.

Linde DRI PACK® Automated Box Chilling System
Also for conveyorized packing lines and designed to USDA requirements, the DRI PACK® system incorporates two patented Model LVSH-7 snow horns for delivering CO2 snow directly into packing boxes. An adjustable lifting mechanism raises or lowers a slide to a predetermined height to allow packing boxes to move smoothly through the packing process.

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