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Whether pre-baked to a hard crust or par-baked for bread-like softness, quality breadsticks start from the inside.

Bakeries with outdoor silos can use advanced cryogenic chilling systems from Linde to chill flour and other dry ingredients to within 1°F as they flow from the silo to the mixer. Better temperature control in mixing and blending can improve cycle times and help protect yeast performance. After dough forming or baking, a tunnel freezer, spiral freezer or impingement freezer can add a quick crust-freeze to protect the outer surface.

State-of-the art cryogenic solutions from Linde are designed with food safety and hygiene in mind, and can help the breadstick baker:

  • Protect shape, surface and product quality. Rapid cryogenic freezing locks in shape and product quality, and state-of-the-art equipment can deliver highly repeatable results.

  • Extend shelf-life and reduce deliveries. Consistent crust-freezing operations can help soft or par-baked breadsticks stay fresher longer and reduce the frequency of delivery.

  • Improve throughput and resource efficiency. Throughput can typically be increased by 10% or more with the patented, high-efficiency CRYOLINE® XF (Crossflow) spiral freezer. Our state-of-the-art CRYOLINE® MT tunnel freezer can also handle high-volume and make product change-outs easier.