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With crust freezing, the outer layer of a food product is rapidly frozen to seal in moisture and shape. This is especially beneficial when a product needs to be packaged prior to going into a holding freezer or shipping. Crust freezing is also useful prior to pressing, cutting or slicing at high speeds. Linde’s In-line cryogenic freezers eliminate production bottlenecks, providing rapid gains in productivity.

High-efficiency cryogenic crust-freezing is important for:

Protein: Deli logs prior to slicing; ground beef chubs; chicken breasts, filets, pork and beef loins, patties, etc.
Bakery and prepared foods: Par-baked goods, artisan breads, bagels, rolls, pizza crusts, dough, etc.

Crust-Freezing Solutions

Linde provides a variety of crust-freezing equipment and process solutions to meet production needs for both large and small processors looking to increase productivity, better utilize plant space, and reduce labor.

CRYOLINE® MT Tunnel Freezer
Advanced menu-driven controls and hygienic design bring crust freezing processes to a new level of repeatability and consistency. This modular tunnel freezer features ready access for cleaning and sloped sides for drainage.

Modular tunnel freezer – base model
Entry-level cryogenic tunnel freezer offers simple-to-use controls and a small footprint. Modules can be easily added as production requirements grow.

Nitrogen Impingement Freezers
Linde impingement freezers offer the highest capacity in the smallest footprint with patented high-efficiency heat-transfer method.

CRYOLINE® XF (Crossflow) Spiral Freezer
For high-volume production needs, this state-of-the art, patented cross-flow spiral freezer drives efficiency through efficient air flow, and small size.

Spiral Freezers – base models
Linde offers standard box-spiral freezers in four capacity ranges to put production on a higher path.


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