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Mechanical freezing systems cannot match the cold freezing temperatures of cryogenic gases, and often customers outgrow their existing capacity. The Linde CryoAssist™ system adds a cryogenic freezer to rapidly crust-freeze food products before or after mechanical freezers. By sharing the product heat load with the cryogenic freezer, the overall process gains the most desirable features of each system including lower operating costs, higher quality frozen foods, and increased production rates. Furthermore, dehydration and product losses are typically reduced 1 to 3%.

The dual cryomechanical system is often used to improve downstream handling and processing. Placement of a CryoAssist system in front of the mechanical freezer, pressing machine or other processing equipment prevents belt sticking and product clumping, increases yield, and minimizes rejected, reworked, and downgraded products.

Cryomechanical freezing systems are ideal for:

Bakery and prepared foods: Any items currently crust frozen with mechanical refrigeration systems.
Protein: As an aid to pressing and batter breading marinated meat, poultry and seafood products, which are susceptible to belt sticking and high moisture loss.

The CryoAssist™ system Solution

The Linde CryoAssist™ system can “boost” mechanical freezing capacity and/or aid in product handling processes, such as pressing and batter-breading. While spiral freezers and tunnel freezers can be used in CryoAssist systems, typically an immersion freezer is preferred because of its compact size, quick installation, ease of use, and process versatility.


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