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Dry Mixes

Makers of dry bake mixes, powdered drinks and other dry food products may not always have control over their product during shipment, but consistent quality during production is always critical. That starts with the consistency of flour, sugar or other dry ingredients flowing to the mixer, and it includes consistent temperatures.

Ingredients in outdoor silos fluctuate in temperature and that can add an unwanted variable which can impact cycle times of mixers and blenders. When flour or other high-volume products are added to a bake mix at too high a temperature, it can even impact yeast activity.

Linde offers a proprietary, in-line chilling system that can chill dry ingredients prior to mixing to within 1°F of the set point. In addition, the Linde food team can tighten temperature control in dry mixing and blending operations with cryogenic bottom-injection systems. The precise addition of cryogen from the bottom is far more efficient than top-chilling method.

Linde solutions also offer these important advantages to the dry-mix processor:

  • Higher process efficiency. Chilling solutions are matched to the needs of the processor to maximize cryogen use for more efficient and repeatable mixing and blending processes.

  • Operational benefits and savings. Linde engineering know-how can make a significant difference in optimizing bottom-injection systems for mixing operations. And the benefits of our patented in-line chilling systems can be validated for any dry ingredient through a new in-line test at Shick.

  • New Test Lab Capability at Shick Validates Benefits