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Ethnic Foods

The American palate for ethnic foods is growing fast. It extends from Mexican and Spanish foods to traditional Italian, Greek and Chinese food to Indian dishes and more. Ethnic foods are diverse in form as well as flavor, including everything from frozen tacos, meatballs and sandwich wraps to entrees and complete ready-meals.

Major ethnic-food brands demand high throughput and repeatability in freezing processes to maintain quality and line speed. State-of-the art cryogenic solutions from Linde are designed with food safety and hygiene in mind, and can:

  • Improve moisture and shape retention. Succulent meatballs and trayed or stuffed products such as wraps and egg rolls benefit from a rapid crust freeze or solid freezing with cryogenic gases. State-of-the art freezers and chilling equipment lock in moisture and shape to maximize appeal and mouthwatering flavor.

  • Boost production volume or line speed, often in less space. Cryogenic solutions from Linde are built to efficiently handle high production volumes, often in less space. The patent-pending design of the CRYOLINE® impingement freezer, for example, offers the highest freezing capacity per sq. ft. of floorspace on the market – as well as the lowest dehydration rate.

  • Lower operating costs. Efficient use of cryogenic gases through improved equipment designs can also reduce freezer equipment operating costs.

Sauce Cooling and Freezing
Many prepared foods incorporate sauces and gravies. They may be blended as liquids ingredients into a meat product such as a burrito, injected onto a pizza or a ready meal, or inserted in frozen form into bag of frozen vegetables or pasta.

Linde technology can quickly transform cooling or freezing processes for faster production and more consistent food quality. This includes:

ACCU-CHILL® Inline Sauce Cooling System – New
Rapidly cool sauces, gravies, marinades, fillings, etc. as they flow from the kettle to the next production step to dramatically improve production rates.  

CRYOLINE® PE Sauce Pellet Freezer
Quick-freeze signature sauces into IQF chips, cubes or other forms for use in ready meals, pastas, etc.

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