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Repeatability is key to reducing cycle times and improving productivity of bakery mixing operations. Yet dry mixes and subsequent dough temperatures can vary widely at the start due to swings in the incoming temperature of flour, sugar, cocoa, spices and other dry ingredients stored in outdoor silos. This variability impacts cycle times for equilibrating batch temperatures -- and high temps can affect yeast performance.

As baking operations grow, tighter temperature control with a cryogenic chilling system can make a major impact on baking quality and efficiency. Automated cryogenic cooling systems from Linde can eliminate problems of unwanted water in the bakery, inconsistent recipes, unreliable timing, and labor costs associated with the use of water ice. Less dough is wasted and improved machinability of dough increases processing rates. Consistent ingredient temperatures provide repeatable batch-to-batch dough quality.

Automated flour and dry ingredient chilling systems are ideal for: Wholesale bakeries and any baking or prepared food facility with outdoor silos for flour, sugar and other dry ingredients.

The Linde Flour and Ingredient Chilling Solution

The dry ingredient chilling system from Linde chills flour (or other dry ingredient) in the transfer line, adding only the precise amount of refrigerant needed to obtain the desired temperature. The system can be used with either a vacuum or pressure -conveying system. A programmable controller (PLC) monitors the injection of cryogen, and the system produces accurate flour temperatures within one degree Fahrenheit of the set point.


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