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With immersion freezing, food products are immersed in liquid nitrogen (at minus 320°F) to apply an instant crust-freeze, or to fully freeze diced products or other small items in a flash. Nitrogen Immersion freezing is the fastest way to freeze, locking important nutrients, moisture and flavor into the food, and is a popular choice for individually quick freezing (IQF).

Crust freezing adds a layer of protection to food surfaces that can improve downstream handling and packaging. It also can optimize freeze production when used in front of high-volume freezers for food products that require full freezing at more moderate and controlled temperatures.

Nitrogen immersion freezing is ideal for:

Seafood: Scallops, shrimp, seafood fillets, shelled clams.
Meat and poultry: A range of marinated, cooked and raw meat and poultry products requiring a solid freeze. This includes diced luncheon meats, beef and poultry fillets and fajita strips, as well as bone-in and boneless chicken and turkey breasts, drumsticks, wings.
Glazed and marinated products: Ideal for freezing marinated or glazed products, and for creating a highly adhesive surface for accepting a glaze post-freeze.

Linde Immersion Freezing Solutions

Linde offers both an in-line immersion freezers which can process 10,000 to 15,000 lbs. per hour, as well as highly efficient immersion-spiral freezers which can deliver high-volume throughput to 20,000 lbs./hr.

Nitrogen Immersion Freezer
Foods are fed into the nitrogen bath in the front of the freezer and then exit on a conveyor. The Linde in-line immersion freezer can be used as a stand-alone freezer, in conjunction with a post-cooling tunnel or spiral freezer, or as a CryoAssist™ unit linked to a mechanical freezer.

Immersion Spiral Freezer
The Linde immersion-spiral is a two-stage freezer in a space-saving design that extracts further BTUs from the nitrogen during the phase change from liquid to gas. The first stage instantly crust freezes with liquid nitrogen, then captures gaseous nitrogen to finalize the freeze in a spiral freezer stage at minus 40°F (or below). This two-stage mega freezer helps achieve higher production rates.


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