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With Linde impingement freezers, the surface of the food product is instantly crust frozen at the inlet port with a liquid nitrogen spray and high velocity nitrogen gas, which traps moisture inside the product. As the product continues along the belt, it continues to be impinged from both sides with high velocity nitrogen gas. The freezer maximizes process efficiency by moving and warming the nitrogen gas as it travels with the product flow down the length of the freezer.

Nitrogen impingement freezers can be used to quick freeze nearly all frozen foods and are ideal for:

Proteins: Chicken filets, beef patties, fish fillets, scallops.
Baking and prepared foods: Pizza and pizza toppings, garlic breads and other savory bakery products.

Linde Impingement Freezing Solutions

Linde’s proprietary, high-efficiency impingement freezers are often used to replace less efficient freezers. They can be used in combination with cryogenic tunnel freezers or spiral freezers, or other freezing methods.

Nitrogen Impingement Freezers
Our patented nitrogen impingement freezers offer the highest freezing capacity per sq. ft. of floor space on the market -- typically 60% less space than conventional cryogenic tunnel freezers. They also offer the lowest food dehydration rate in the industry so products retain moisture and weight. The modular design allows 10- and 20-foot sections to be assembled to meet productionrequirements.


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