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Individually quick freezing with cryogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) gas or liquid nitrogen locks in the moisture, shape and freshness of small food items. While flighted freezers have been the primary method for individually quick freezing foods for more than two decades, they are now being replaced with newer, more efficient freezing methods. State-of-the-art cryogenic IQF freezers from Linde are hygienically designed and can eliminate the bottlenecks, slowdowns and product losses associated with these outdated freezers.

Individual quick freezing is ideal for:

Protein: Sliced and diced poultry and beef, glazed and marinated meat, meatballs, chicken tenders and wings, shrimp, and scallops.
Prepared foods: Pizza toppings, e.g. diced ham, pepperoni, hamburger or sausage crumble; tortellini and other pastas.
Fresh fruits and vegetables: High-value produce.

Linde IQF Solutions

Linde is at the vanguard of IQF technology and can tailor solutions to meet specific plant and production requirements.

CRYOLINE® CW (CRYOWAVE®) rolling-wave IQF freezer – NEW*
Patented rolling-wave action keeps IQF products separate as they freeze. High-efficiency, hygienic design provides significant cost savings vs. flighted freezers, eliminating CO2 snow carryover and improving cleanability.

Immersion Freezer
With a bath of liquid nitrogen at minus 320°F, Linde immersion freezers offer the fastest way to crust-freeze or quick-freeze 10,000 to 15,000 lbs. /hr. of IQF food items prior to further processing or packaging.

Immersion Spiral
For thicker foods and others that require longer freeze times, the Linde immersion spiral quick-freezes in two stages – first with immersion in liquid nitrogen, then with nitrogen gas in the spiral freezer stage. State-of-the-art cryogenic design combines high-efficiency nitrogen utilization with high-volume throughput to 20,000 lbs. /hr.