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The CRYOLINE® PE Pellet Freezer from Linde freezes an entire sheet of approx. 0.2 oz. (5g) pellets at a time in an in-line process: First, liquid is deposited into a grid of cavities in the belt. Then the cavities are quick-frozen in a 15-90 second, step-and-repeat process. Finally, the semi-frozen sauce moves as a sheet into a cryogenic tunnel for final freezing. The fully frozen sheet is then broken into individual frozen pellets which are easily portioned for restaurant or food service customers.

Cryogenic pellet freezing is ideal for:

Sauces, purees, liquid food products.

Sauce Cooling and Pellet Freezing Solution

Loading and unloading freezer trays into freezer cabinets is labor intensive – and waiting for sauces, purees and other liquids to cool or freeze in mechanical freezers can create production bottlenecks. The state-of-the art sauce pellet freezer from Linde uses cryogenic gases and in-line processing to boost productivity.

CRYOLINE® PE Sauce Pellet Freezer
Patented cryogenic design boosts efficiency for fast turnaround. The freezer produces individually quick frozen (IQF) pellets in a regular size with high repeatability using an automated, in-line process.

The ACCU-CHILL® SC Inline Sauce Cooling System
This new inline sauce cooling cooling system uses liquid nitrogen (minus 320°F) to rapidly chill hot liquid foods as they flow from the cooking kettle to final packaging or the next stage of production. The patented cryogenic system can chill pumpable liquid food products fast. It delivers sauce cooling rates as high as 9,000-12,000 lbs/hr with precise temperature control.

It is ideal for chilling a range of flowable cooked liquid food products including: Pasta sauce (from marinara to alfredo), cheese sauces, BBQ sauce, marinades and gravies, custards, fillings, preserves and syrups.


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