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Marinated poultry products including grilled chicken, pressed poultry and breaded products, are in demand by consumers at both the dinner table and when dining out at quick-serve restaurants and beyond.

State-of-the-art cryogenic freezing solutions from Linde are designed with food safety and hygiene in mind and can help marinated poultry processors:

  • Improve moisture retention. Chicken breasts and other marinated poultry must retain moisture and product form during freezing and chilling operations to maintain quality and consistency.

    Every ounce of moisture retained on a marinated product contributes to weight and flavor. Marinated poultry products that are more flavorful keep consumers coming back for more. So locking in moisture quickly not only keeps more weight on the bottom line, it can make the difference for premium brands.

  • Boost yield. Pressed poultry such as for quick-serve sandwiches must retain shape as well as moisture to achieve consistent thickness and quality. High-efficiency cryogenic crust freezing prior to pressing can help keep moisture in and any breading in place for significant yield improvements.