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Pies and Cakes

The reputation of high-volume dessert bakeries depends on both the flavor and visual appeal of their bakery items. Cryogenic technology can help achieve that goal with a rapid crust freeze to seal in freshness and protect surface qualities during final processing.

In addition, state-of-the art cryogenic solutions from Linde are designed with food safety and hygiene in mind, and can help bakers of pies, cakes and other baked desserts:

  • Boost high-volume throughput. Expand production with new cryogenic freezers that can freeze with precision at high-volume rates while keeping cryogen consumption low. Throughput can typically be increased by 10% or more with new CRYOLINE® XF (Crossflow) spiral freezer. And Linde impingement freezers use an initial high-pressure blast of cryogen and can minimize cycle times.

  • Extend shelf-life. Finished pies and cakes can be gas flushed during packaging to help extend shelf life. MAPAX® by Linde offers a quality modified atmosphere solution.

  • Improve quality consistency. Linde’s proprietary flour and dry ingredient chilling system can control the temperature of volume ingredients from storage silos to within 1°F before they reach the mixer. After bakery products emerge from the oven, the Crossflow spiral freezer can deliver uniform temperatures across the belt with a patented high-efficiency air-flow design.

  • Conserve plant floor space. A variety of space-saving freezers are available, and because they are highly efficient, new cryogenic freezers can sometimes help consolidate two or more lines into one.