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Pizza Crust

Pizza lovers know their crusts, and cryogenic freezing technology can preserve the texture and taste that loyal consumers expect. Even before dough mixing, an inline chilling system can precisely control the temperature of the flour as it flows from the silo to the mixer.

State-of-the art cryogenic solutions from Linde are designed with food safety and hygiene in mind, and can help makers of pizza crust and other frozen dough products:

  • Boost high-volume throughput. New cryogenic freezers can freeze with precision at high-volume production rates and low cryogen consumption. Throughput can typically be increased by 10% or more with new CRYOLINE® XF (Crossflow) spiral freezer. And Linde impingement freezers use an initial high-pressure blast of cryogen and can minimize cycle times.

  • Protect product appearance and package quality. Crust freezing the formed pizza dough locks in shape and quality. For finished pizza, crust freezing the pizza pie after baking improves packing operations and product appearance.

  • Extend shelf-life. Finished pizzas can be gas flushed during packaging to help extend shelf life. MAPAX® by Linde offers a quality modified atmosphere solution.

  • Improve quality consistency. Spiral freezers are prone to colder temperatures at the outer edge of the belt. The new Crossflow spiral freezer features a proprietary, high-efficiency air-flow design that delivers uniform temperatures across the belt.

  • Conserve plant floor space. A variety of space-saving freezers are available, and because they are highly efficient, new cryogenic freezers can sometimes help consolidate two or more lines into one.