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Pizza Toppings

State-of-the-art cryogenic freezing and chilling equipment must be matched to the type of pizza topping and the processing operation. Choices span tunnel freezers, immersion freezers, spiral freezers and immersion-spiral freezers.

Solutions from Linde include proprietary freezer designs and engineering know-how. Equipment is designed with food safety and hygiene in mind, and can help processors of pizza and pizza topping:

  • Reduce belt sticking/product losses. Pizza toppings can stick to freezer belts or become entrained in snow carryover in CO2 flighted freezers resulting in product losses, and adding to downtime for cleanout. Our new CRYOLINE® CW (CRYOWAVE®) IQF freezer eliminates belt sticking and losses due to CO2 snow carryover – and add more weight to your bottom line.

  • Improve yields. Better moisture retention and reduced product losses keeps more weight on the bottom line.

  • Increase quality throughput. Line speed and quality must go hand in hand. The precise addition of cryogenic gas, either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen, can fully freeze or crust freeze individually quick frozen (IQF) pieces at high volume while maintaining or improving food quality.

  • Boost efficiency. Linde freezers are designed for high efficiency. For example, our new CRYOLINE® XF Crossflow spiral freezer provides double the heat transfer rate of a traditional spiral freezer. A more compact freezing compartment and proprietary air-flow design freeze toppings (or pizzas) efficiently and uniformly across the belt. The result is higher quality throughput with low cryogen consumption.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks. Older freezing equipment will slow production when it can’t keep up with expanding volumes. Critical components wear. Downtime for repair and maintenance increases. Newer equipment can sometimes fold two or more lines into one.