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Raw/Deboned Meat Parts

Chilling boned and deboned poultry products, including fresh or marinated broilers, breasts, drumsticks, thighs and wings, in combo bins with dry ice pellets can put a drag on productivity in further processing operations. Linde offers a semi-automated solution that can dramatically boost volumes, speed and quality to manual bin-chilling. In addition, Linde offers CO2 snow horns, CO2 snow generators, and cryogenic packaging systems for instant chilling of perishables directly in their packing boxes.

State-of-the-art cryogenic freezing/chilling solutions from Linde are designed with food safety and hygiene in mind and can help poultry processors:

  • Reduce labor. Handling dry ice and combo bins in small batches is time consuming and increases labor costs. Automation boosts volumes and speeds the process.

  • Improve worker safety / minimize worker compensation claims. More handling and injuries due to shoveling pellets increases the risk of hand, foot and lower back injuries -- and associated worker compensation claims. Excess carbon dioxide vapors can also pose a hazard if work areas are not properly vented.(Turnkey solutions include venting.)

  • Tighten process and product quality control. Consistent temperatures from bin-to-bin (or package-to-package) are critical for maintaining food quality and safety. Automated bin-chilling solutions can limit bin-to-bin variations to 2-3 degrees F.

  • Improve temperature uniformity within each batch. Filling combo bins with poultry and dry-ice pellets by hand or shovel is inherently inefficient and can increase the likelihood of “hot spots” that can threaten food quality. Automated handling and chilling minimize process variations.

Linde Featured Solutions:

Automated Combo Bin Processing
The ACCU-CHILL® combo chiller uses carbon dioxide (CO2) snow rather than CO2 pellets to process boned and deboned poultry at high volumes. Automated control ensures consistent temperatures in combo bins, and from bin to bin, with a variation of 2-3 °F or less. The CO2 snow mixes thoroughly with the meat and provides more complete contact than dry ice pellets for more rapid and efficient chilling. Average CO2 consumption is much lower than dry ice pellet methods.

Automated Box Chilling System for chilling raw boned and deboned meat parts normally packed in boxes:
The ACCU-CHILL® Automated Box Chilling System is a fully-automated on-demand CO2 snow chilling system that was designed for highly consistent box-to-box chilling on automated packing lines. Built to meet USDA requirements, the ACCU-CHILL® automated box-chilling system is enclosed on either side of the conveyor and includes up to four CO2 snow horns and exhaust hood. As packing boxes are conveyed into the chilling zone, a sensor is activated and a precise amount of CO2 snow is automatically dispensed into the box, on or around the product.

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