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Ready Meals

Global competition for ready meals remains strong, so flavor and quality are essential for building brands. State-of-the-art cryogenic freezing equipment furthers that goal while boosting efficiency at the high-volume production rates needed for mass market success. In addition, modified atmosphere packaging is ideal for extending the shelf life and preserving the freshness of trayed, bagged and pouched prepared foods.

Cryogenic solutions from Linde include tunnel freezers, impingement freezers and spiral freezers designed with food safety and hygiene in mind. They can help
ready-meal processors:

  • Boost throughput and efficiency. New cryogenic freezers can freeze trayed products (or individual items) with precision at high-volume production rates and low cryogen consumption. Throughput can typically be increased by 10% or more with the new CRYOLINE® XF (Crossflow) spiral freezer. CRYOLINE® impingement freezers add an initial high-pressure blast of cryogen to penetrate denser foods to minimize cycle times.

  • Lock-in moisture. To maximize flavor when reheated in the microwave, mouth-watering ready meals must lock-in moisture without forming ice crystals. Cryogenic freezing with carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas is ideal for the task.

  • Improve quality consistency. Spiral freezers are prone to warmer temperatures at the outer edge of the belt. The new Crossflow spiral freezer features a proprietary, high-efficiency air-flow design that delivers uniform temperatures across the belt.

  • Conserve plant floor space. The new CRYOLINE® XF (Crossflow) spiral freezer is about 30% more compact than a standard spiral freezer. The CRYOLINE® impingement freezers offer the highest freezing efficiency per sq. ft. of floor space in the industry.

Sauce Cooling and Freezing
Many types of frozen ready meals incorporate sauces and gravies. After sauces are cooked in a kettle, they must be quickly cooled. The chilled product may be added to the top of a trayed entrée or frozen into forms for bagged or boxed ready meals. Linde technology can quickly transform sauce cooling or freezing processes for faster production and more consistent food quality. This includes:

ACCU-CHILL® Inline Sauce Cooling System – New
Rapidly cool sauces, gravies, marinades, fillings, etc. as they flow from the kettle to the next production step to dramatically improve production rates.  

CRYOLINE® PE Sauce Pellet Freezer
Quick-freeze signature sauces into IQF chips, cubes or other forms for use in ready meals, pastas, etc.