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The CRYOLINE® PE Pellet Freezer from Linde freezes an entire sheet of approx. 0.2 oz. (5g) pellets at a time in an in-line process: First, liquid is deposited into a grid of cavities in the belt. Then the cavities are quick-frozen in a 15-90 second, step-and-repeat process. Finally, pellets move as a sheet to a tunnel freezer for freezing into thin breakable bars. The bars are ideal for food service and restaurants. -- Customers thaw and break just what they need.

Cryogenic pellet freezing is ideal for:

Sauces, purees, liquid food products.

Sauce Cooling and Pellet Freezing Solution

Loading and unloading freezer trays into freezer cabinets is labor intensive -- and waiting for sauces, purees and other liquids to cool or freeze in mechanical freezers can create production bottlenecks. The state-of-the art sauce pellet freezer from Linde uses cryogenic gases and in-line processing to boost productivity.

CRYOLINE® PE Sauce Pellet Freezer
Patented cryogenic design boosts efficiency for fast turnaround. The freezer produces individually quick frozen (IQF) pellets in a regular size with high repeatability using an automated, in-line process.


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