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Cryogenic chilling/freezing equipment must be matched to the specific plant and process -- from mixing/blending and forming operations to final chilling or freezing before packaging. Ground sausage may be formed into chubs, patties or links, or simply used as crumble. Formed sausage may be wrapped fresh for supermarket showcases, overwrapped as fresh or frozen chubs, or packed frozen as links or patties for the freezer case.

State-of-the-art cryogenic freezing solutions from Linde is designed with food safety and hygiene in mind and can help sausage processors:

  • Improve quality throughput. Line speed and quality must go hand in hand. The precise addition of cryogenic gas, either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen, can fully freeze or crust freeze sausage meat at high volume while maintaining or improving food quality.

  • Reduce maintenance time. New hygienically designed cryogenic freezing equipment from Linde reduces areas where food particles can be trapped and provides ready access for cleaning.

  • Extend shelf-life. Chilled chubs, patties and sausage links can maintain their color and stay fresher longer with modified atmosphere packaging systems.