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Cryogenic tunnel freezers can be used to individually quick freeze (IQF), crust-freeze, or freeze various foods and trayed products with a cryogenic gas in a continuous in-line process. Adjustable, high-speed internal fans, controllable gas injection and exhaust levels optimize the flow of cryogenic gases as foods move through the freezer on a conveyor.

Tunnel freezing is ideal for:

Prepared foods: Trayed foods, ready-to-eat meals, pizzas, stuffed pasta, specialty items, etc.
Baking: Rolls, pies, cookie dough and other dough products
Protein: Marinated chicken and turkey breasts, breaded poultry and fish fillets, burgers, filets and sausages, etc.

Individual Quick Freezing (IQF)

Sliced and diced poultry and beef, scallops, shrimp, pizza toppings; tortellini and other pastas.

Linde Tunnel Freezing Solutions

New high-efficiency designs from Linde offer substantial savings over less efficient freezers and freezing methods while improving production rates. State-of-the art tunnel freezers are also hygienically designed for easy cleaning to improve food safety.

CRYOLINE® CW (CRYOWAVE®) rolling-wave IQF freezer – NEW*
A better way to IQF diced poultry and other items that tend to clump or stick to conveyor belts. Patented rolling-wave action and high-efficiency design provide significant cost savings vs. flighted freezers, eliminating CO2 snow carryover and improving cleanability.

CRYOLINE® MT tunnel freezer
Linde’s first hygienically-designed tunnel freezer is easy to clean and can quickly boost IQF production rates. Parameters for up to 30 recipes can be programmed for quick production changes. Modular design makes it easy to add sections as demand grows.

Tunnel freezer – base model
Entry-level cryogenic freezers offers simple controls and a small footprint. Modules can be added on as production requirements grow. Base models can deliver crust-freezing capacity ranging from 400 to 1,400 lb. /hr., depending on product size and production loads.


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